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Doc film / In production / Spain, Germany
Directed by Roser Corella
When Manuel Liñán takes the stage at each dance performance, he finds the freedom to be himself that he never had as a child. His father wanted him to be a bullfighter, but he dreamed of dancing and the colourful flamenco dresses he used to wear secretly in his room. Today, in each performance, he appropriates the traditional rhythms of flamenco in an innovative show that breaks all the taboos of gender stereotypes to discover how contemporary this art is.

Pictures by MarcosGpunto

Doc film / In production / Kyrgyzstan, Germany 
Directed by Roser Corella
In a small village in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, where conservative traditions don't allow women to enjoy their free time, Gazi organises a football tournament for the women of the village on the occasion of her mother's birthday. Women of all ages are encouraged to participate! As they have no experience in football, they start training on the outskirts of the village, away from the gaze of the men, who are not invited to the tournament.

Doc film / in development / Afghanistan
Directed by Roser Corella & Aziza Zahra Naeimi 

Using her smartphone camera, a young woman invites us into her world and her life in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. Her name is Aziza. She refuses to surrender under the shadow of the gender-apartheid ideology that grows darker by the day as it spreads across the country.

Documentary film / 73’ / Austria, Germany / 2020
Directed and produced by Roser Corella
Executive producer - Florian Kläger
Editing - Ginés Olivares
Sound design - Gábor Ripli
Music - Paul Frick

The film chronicles the dire reality of foreign domestic workers in Lebanon. By combining a multitude of perspectives, it offers intimate insights into the private lives of employers, agents and maids. Exposing modern forms of slavery, it also reflects on the role of women and domestic work at large in capitalist societies.


Documentary film / 86’ / Germany, Spain / 2017
Directed and produced by Roser Corella
Editing - Roser Corella / Ariadna Ribas
Sound - Milan Bath / Marta Millet
Sound design - Alejandro Parody
Music - Paul Frick

Since Kyrgyzstan gained its Independence in 1991, there has been a revival of the ancient practice of Ala-Kachuu, which translates roughly as “grab and run”. More than half Kyrgyz women are married after being kidnapped by the men who become their husbands. Some escape after violent ordeals, but most are persuaded to stay by tradition and fear of scandal.


Documentary film / 30’ / Germany / 2014
Directed and produced by Roser Corella
Producer on the field - Besnik Musaj

The centuries-old custom of blood feuds has started blighting lives in Albania since the collapse of communism, particularly in the mountains of north, where many families are living locked down in their houses in fear of blood vengeance. The ancestral code of “Kanun”, which has governed rural life in Albania for five centuries of foreign occupation, include the right to murder to avenge an earlier killing: “blood must be paid with blood”.


Documentary film / 15’ / Spain / 2011
Directed by Alfonso Moral & Roser Corella
Photography - Alfonso Moral
Editing - Roser Corella

A reflection on modernity and global development. Men as a machines. The use of human physical force to perform work in the XXI Century. The film takes place in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, where a mass of millions of people become the driving force behind the city.


UNSAFE HAVEN - In development
A film by Roser Corella

More than 80 countries in the world still criminalize same sex relations between consenting adults and seven impose the death penalty as a punishment. Many are forced to escape this persecution and make claims for refugee status on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. However, many arrive in the new country to confront violence and harassment by local communities. Turkey is increasingly a crossroads for mixed migration flows and LGBT community are the most vulnerable asylum seekers today.

A film by Roser Corella

The Day of Ashura in the Islamic calendar, is the climax of the Mourning celebration for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Every year, in the lebanese city of Nabatiyeh, thousands of Shiites march en masse to show their grief and shed their blood as a ritual, in remembrance of the martyrdom of the third Imam.

A film by Roser Corella

​​Dadaab is the largest refugee camp in the world. Located approximately 100 kilometers from the Kenya-Somalia border, the camp host people that have come mostly as a consequence of the civil war in southern Somalia. In 2011, the East Africa drought caused a dramatic surge in the camps' population. During summer 2011 it was reported that more than 1000 people per day were arriving in dire need of assistance, increasing the number of refugees hosted in the camps to 500,000 by the end of this year.


A film by Roser Corella

The demand of shrimp by international markets has led to a rapid expansion of this crop in Bangladesh which is now considered one of the main country's exports. However, the uncontrolled invasion of the shrimp crop on shore lands used for agriculture , has caused a serious impact in its environment and its community left without resources and drinkable water. While businessmen make profits, communities dedicated to agriculture are becoming poorer in their struggle for maintaining their land and traditional methods of subsistance.





A film by Alfonso Moral & Roser Corella

​​The Rural Community of Dialakoto (Tambacounda), in Senegal, lives in a very underdeveloped region that barely benefits from draft international aid due to its remote geographical location and low population density. Fallou NGO works in a cooperation programs to help residents overcome chronic malnutrition, social apathy and rural exodus.

all images © Roser Corella 
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